Law enforcement use tracking technology to hunt down devices and suspects

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - 6:30pm

The ever changing world of technology is helping defeat crime more than ever. Baton Rouge Police Department tells us they see tracking apps on devices help not only find lost items they can help find people or even wanted suspects.

We are always on them or have them by you. Cell phones kind of run our world nowadays. Well something else they are doing is helping deter our crime problem.

"Once the criminals realize they can’t use the phones they are stealing it will curb this lot," stated local tech expert, Daniel Holmes.

With the new I OS 7 on I phones and the tracking system ‘Find My I phone’ or the Microsoft version for droids, it so much easier to find a lost device.

“I have lost my phone and didn't have the app at the time and I wish I did have it because I would have known where it was," said local Corey Rodney.

So as our devices continue to upgrade, the ability to track them gets simpler.

“It helps with theft obviously but it also helps find you if you need to be found,” noted Holmes.

One example is a recent suspect who’s now in custody. Police tell use he held two people at gunpoint then stole their cell phones.

“They really don’t concern themselves with the fact they might be found because they don't realize what technology is out there now.”

The suspect was found with the help of the tracking device.

“I feel like technology has evolved and why not use it if we have it,” said Rodney.

It’s technology that even locals say works.

“My brother actually just lost his computer that has the app on it we were able to find it, the cops went and got it,” said Rodney.

But some others think these apps gps devices are a little too intrusive.

“I would rather go back to a regular phone that because technology is just too much,” noted Jasmine Trim.

But whether or not techies like Daniel say its something everyone should set up, just in case something were to happen to you.

"Whether or not they know what they are doing it’s worked out pretty well for police," stated Holmes.

Baton Rouge Police Department would not give us any details because of ongoing investigations.


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