Lawmakers weigh the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014 - 6:48pm

With other states blazing the trail for legalization, the conversation about legalizing weed here in Louisiana is gaining some traction.

"I do want the legalization of marijuana to happen, for more than one reason," explained Antoinette Domangue.

Domangue said she has tried taking doctor-prescribed drugs to ease her depression and bi-polar disorder, but marijuana is the only drug she feels helps.

"I have been diagnosed chronically depressed. They give you 9 different medications which make you do nothing but knock out. It was better than the alternative, which was sleeping. I could raise my family instead of sleep," shared Domangue.

The legislature made it legal for a doctor to prescribe marijuana back in 1991, but there is still no way for people to legally get it.

“This state is behind on medical marijuana use," stated Democratic State Representative Dalton Honore.

Honore, a former deputy sheriff turned state representative, said he is interested in finding out just what it would mean to legalize it.

“It’s time for we as legislators to talk about marijuana and talk about it openly. If I had my choice today I would say let's put it to a vote of the people in the state of Louisiana to vote on."

Louisiana state police Superintendent Mike Edmonson said legalized or not, his troopers are still responsible for keeping drivers safe.

"Colorado and Washington, my counterparts over there, I was trying to pull some information about what they're seeing. They’re seeing an increase of traffic fatalities where marijuana is a factor and I think we have to explore those," explained Edmonson.

There have not been any bills filed yet and the study would just explore what legalization may mean for the state.


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