LDWLF clarifies stance on ATV use in Comite River

Photo provided by staff.
Thursday, July 18, 2013 - 10:54am

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and FIsheries issued a clarificiation on its postion on ATV use in the Comite River. Bo Boehinger, LDWF spokesman, explains that the issue is under a legal grey area.

"We believe that this activity, ATV or other wheeled or tracked vehicles use in the Comite River, does have the potential for significant ecological degradation of the river," he said. "For that reason a rule clarification was proposed to the La. Wildlife and Fisheries Commission on July 2, 2013. That recommendation is being taken under consideration by the Commission. Discussion is underway internally to determine the proper course of action based on the statute that is currently in place."

The issue first arose after homeowners along the Comite began to complain about ATV riders leaving behind litter, and messing up the envoirment by leaving behind tracks and tearing up the sand.

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