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Local couple sees big future for gay rights after Supreme Court ruling

Photo provided by Joe Traigle
Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 7:02pm

After two decades together, one Baton Rouge couple IS thrilled with the Supreme Court decisions that were made Wednesday.

Even though gay marriage is not accepted in Louisiana, this couple told NBC33, its the start of something big for not only gay couple but for the nation.

“I’m kind of surprised,” said Carey Long.

Carey Long could have never imagined what he heard Wednesday morning.

“I think it a tremendous step forward."

Carey and his partner Joe Triagle never even considered marriage, let alone being recognized by the federal government.

“My partner and I have enjoyed 20 years of a wonderful relationship together,” said Traigle.

But now with 13 states accepting gay marriage and all that comes with it, they told NBC33 their future has endless opportunities.

“But now as things have evolved of course we would like to be accounted the same rights, not necessarily a religious ceremony but a civil ceremony, we think were entitled to that," stated Traigle.

And for others looking for acceptance, they say at least those married legally can reap all the benefits that another man and woman do today.

"Were still going to have those pieces of paper with us but now we are recognized as a coupe or that much closer to being recognized as a couple," noted Long.

With the ruling, this couple two decades deep into a relationship are now considering the possibilities that could come up in their lifetime.

"I never would have thought I would happen so when people would ask me if it was important to me I would say eh it’s not that important but when you reach a point where all of a sudden you see the positive changes that come from it," said Long.

So for Carey and Joe they can't be married legally here in Louisiana but after Wednesday’s decision, they will never give up hope.

Louisiana law also does not recognize those couple who gets certificates in other states and then come here.


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