Local Filipino community works to help victims of Typhoon

photo provided by staff.
Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 8:07pm

The Filipino American Association of Greater Baton Rouge and members are collecting donations to help do what they for victims of typhoon that the Philippines.

"We are very concerned about the people of the Philippines, because they have nothing literally nothing to take care of themselves," Bill Umstetter, president of the Filipino American Association of Greater Baton Rouge, said.

One of the ways you can donate is by calling 225-272-1445 or dropping off donations at Pinay Gigi Filipino Store on South Choctaw in Baton Rouge.

Mercedita Jesusa owns Pinay Gigi Filipino Store. Her family lives in an area near Manila, and she said thankfully they are ok. But, she says it's still hard to watch images of the devastation left behind after a massive typhoon hit her home country.

"It's really scary, and it's unbelievable how it looks like on news, because it's really bad," She said.

The store teamed up with the Filipino American Association of Greater Baton Rouge to help. They're collecting donations for victims of the typhoon.

"We've been through a lot and Filipino people are strong, but like what we said we need help. We really do need help," Jesusa said.

"The Filipino people all they have is each other and they rely on each other and now this. Some of them are gone many of them are gone, " Michael Davis, Jesusa's husband and vice president of the Filipino American Association of Greater Baton Rouge, said.

Davis explained some of their customers are still having trouble connecting with family members who lived in areas affected by the typhoon.

"Some people you can see the tears in their eyes they still try to communicate over there and try to find their families," Davis said.

People living in many of the hardest hit areas of the Philippines are running low on resources, association leaders explained. They said they just want to do what they can to help out. They're hoping everyone will hear their message and donate.

"For those who are not Filipinos it's just a spirit of humanity. We need you. we need you to reach out to these people," Umstetter said.


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