Local high school student displays artwork at Greenwell Springs Library, draws inspiration from his heritage

Photo by FOX44 staff.
Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 8:00pm

At the Greenwell Springs Road Llibrary, the walls are covered in art, and the artist is only 15 years old.

Southern University Lab Student Marvin Bryant Jr. says that he’s influenced by the greats.

“They came to me and said there was a cancellation, so you know, I had to jump right at that opportunity,” stated Marvin. “I really like the real famous deceased ones, like Pablo Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci. I thought their art was really cool, and I always thought that one day, I could art like them."

With more than 600 pieces, the self- taught artist started when he was only eight-years-old.

"At that time, I really realized that this is what he likes,” said mother Jackie Bryant. “He likes to draw, and as a parent, I just began to nurture that gift."

From African-inspired pieces to paintings inspired by southern Louisiana culture - even ones with a Purple and Gold flair - Marvin has over 50 paintings at the library on display.

"The reason I have those different pieces is because I'm very in touch with my nationality and who I am as a person,” said Marvin. “You know, I just take my emotions and my imagination and put it on paper."

Even though he enjoys painting, Marvin said there's another form of art in his future – he wants to write, direct and produce films.

He may only be fifteen, but Martin has some advice for other artists, “Let your imagination do what it does. You know, whatever you feel, whatever you think, just put it onto a piece of paper."


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