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Legendary LSU coach, AD Paul Dietzel dies, 89

Legendary former LSU head football coach and athletic director Paul Dietzel dies Tuesday monring, after battling a brief illness, according to LSUSports.net.

Two arrested for burglary after GPS leads detectives to stolen electronics

Investigators used GPS technology to locate stolen electronics and subsequently the individuals believed to be responsible for the theft.

Two high school students arrested after firearm, marijuana was found in vehicles

Two high school students were arrested after a firearm and several hundred dollars in marijuana was discovered inside their vehicles on Friday.

Mettenbergers says return to Georgia is just another game

Zach Mettenberger grew up going to Georgia football games and rooting for the Bulldogs. Saturday he’ll get to play in the same stadium he remembers as a kid.

Teen arrested for terrorizing after carrying weapons near Live Oak elementary, middle school

A 15-year-old was arrested today after he was found in possession of an air-soft pellet pistol, knife and hatchet.

Auburn fan accused of stealing truck, kidnapping woman, hitting 9 parked cars in Baton Rouge

One Auburn fan who visited Baton Rouge never got the chance to see the big match-up. That’s because he was behind bars after he allegedly stole a truck, kidnapped a woman, and hit several parked cars.

Bayou Corne residents demand answers regarding flaring at Crosstex

People living in Bayou Corne were startled by a the sight of a massive flame coming of a flare in the Crosstex Processing Services facility off Hwy. 70 next door to the Texas Brine Company, Sunday evening.

BRAVE program expands to the 70802 with $1 million grant

With a $1 million grant, the city's crime fighting program, BRAVE, will start working in some of the city's other high crime neighborhoods in the 70802.

'2BrokeGuys' helping to feed the hungry; 'GeauxforBRoke'

Imagine eating on just $2.25 a day, well "two broke guys" are bringing that challenge to the community in an effort to help the hungry in Baton Rouge.

LSU researchers receive $4 million NSF grant for new supercomputing cluster

Researchers at the LSU Center for Computation & Technology, or CCT, have received a $4 million Major Research Instrumentation, or MRI, award from the National Science Foundation, or NSF, for the acquisition of SuperMIC, a new supercomputer