Local News

Thief attempts to outrun police car on bicycle

A Thibodaux man was arrested on theft charges after attempted to evade police while riding a bicycle.

Obesity rates fall for youths nationwide

The national push to improve nutrition for school-aged children continues as we head into a new school year. Now, statistics show obesity rates are falling even among pre-schoolers in many states.

One year later, Lafayette community still banded together in honor of Mickey Shunick

The search for Mickey Shunick gained nationwide attention before it ended one year ago Wednesday. But the spirit that led hundreds of people to look for her continues today.

Fan drive for the elderly continues in EBR Parish

Some good news for seniors in East Baton Rouge Parish - the Council on Aging has extended its fan drive due to the current heat advisory.

BP ordered to pay $130 million as part of oil spill settlement

 BP was ordered to pay more money today for its involvement in the 2010 Gulf oil spill disaster.

Baton Rouge man arrested for pushing mother, stabbing brother during dispute

A Baton Rouge man is accused of knocking his mother to the ground and stabbing his brother twice during a dispute at the family’s home on Tiger Bend.

Residents say progress made in Port Allen

People living in Port Allen hope the battle over fixing Mayor Deedy Slaughter's salary is starting to wrap up.

Local hospital offering ‘cool’ trade for blood donation

St. Elizabeth hospital is offering something to help you cool down in exchange for some blood.

LSU unveils new logo, aimed at high-end retailers

LSU is trying out a brand new look - there is a new, fancy Tiger logo popping up around Baton Rouge. The university created a special, new, full-body LSU Tiger logo.

Louisiana’s First Lady receives nod from Vanity Fair on Best Dressed list

Louisiana’s First Lady earned top honors for her sense of style and her husband turned to social media to express his approval.