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Emotional reunion for 756th National Guard Unit on Independence Day

Family and friends of the 756th Area Support Medical Company have been doing a lot of waiting, nine months to be exact. Thursday morning they were more than ready to welcome home their loved ones and on such a fitting day.

Man accused of killing step-father during argument at home in St. Martinville

A man was arrested last night after he allegedly murdered his step-father during a domestic dispute.

People who live near False River say they're not scared; Flesh-eating bacteria in waterways

Many may be celebrating their holiday on the water, but be careful. One person has died and three others have been hospitalized from a flesh-eating bacteria on the Gulf Coast according to the Department of Health and Hospitals.

Law enforcement sends warning to gang members; when one goes down, the rest will follow

Law enforcement is sending a warning to gang members in Baton Rouge with the latest round of arrests; when one goes down, the rest will follow.

Family shocked by Fourth of July murder

A day that was supposed to be filled with family and laughter quickly crumbled Thursday morning for Annie McCarty when her brother-in-law, Ron Derison, was shot and killed.

VIDEO: LA military sends greetings to loved ones on 4th of July

The Defense Video and Imagery Distribution System releases military greetings every holiday.

Baton Rouge Zoo continues search for Bald Eagle on nation’s birthday

The irony that a symbol of America went missing the day before the nation’s birthday does not escape officials at the Baton Rouge Zoo.

Victim’s cell phone is key evidence connecting 18-year-old to murder

An alleged confession and the cell phone from a murder victim are the key pieces of evidence that lead to the arrest of an 18-year-old, officials say.

Man crashes car, receives DWI; later arrested on drug charges after threatening deputy

A man was arrested during the early morning hours of Tuesday, July 2 after a public disturbance on Lisa Dr. in Hammond led to the discovery of a considerable amount of illegal narcotics.

BRPD: Victim of overnight shooting went unnoticed for several hours

The Baton Rouge Police Department is currently investigating a murder that happened over night. Officials say the victim was not located for several hours.