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Woman found shot to death in alley way on Mohican; no suspect

UPDATE: The victim has been identified as Angel Brooks, 19. She was located on the ground behind her apartment complex. ORIGINAL: A woman was found shot to death and police are looking for the person responsible.

'Freedom Movement' founder believes community involvement can curb crime

Lots of people talk about Baton Rouge's problems, but only a few try to become the solution. Ron Hardy says he can reduce the city's crime rate if other people will follow his lead.

Representative Cassidy honors widow of one of the first African-American Marines

Representative Bill Cassidy gave a certificate to Audrey Nabors-Jackson this afternoon; her late husband, Freddie Jackson, was one of the first black men to serve in the Marines during World War II.

EBR coroner discusses origin of his position at Rotary Club

The Rotary Club got a bit of a history lesson today from the East Baton Rouge Parish coroner.

Man robbed while riding his bicycle; one arrest made, three still at large

One arrest has been made and more are wanted for robbing a man riding a bicycle and sending him to the hospital due to injuries he sustained in the robbery.

POLICE: Man runs red light while having sex in driver's seat, crashes car

A half-naked man hiding behind a cactus, a bleeding, naked woman on the ground, and a crashed Ford Explorer were all elements of a crime scene in Albuquerque, NM, police said.

LSU area businesses wait for big baseball crowds

LSU area businesses are about to get bombarded by baseball fans, and managers say it's a good thing.

Port Allen Mayor wants lawsuit dropped, CFO wants mayor to back off

Port Allen Mayor Deedy Slaughter wants a judge to dismiss the lawsuit against her. She's being sued by the city's Chief Financial Officer.

Baton Rouge vehicle burglar still at large

East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Detectives are looking for a black male seen burglarizing a vehicle The burglary took place the Lowe’s located at 10303 S. Mall Dr. on May 21 at approximately 2:30 p.m.

Magazine partners with church to help children in Moore

Dozens of you are helping some of the youngest victims in the Moore, Oklahoma tornado.