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Police: Man left young mentally disabled child alone in home

A Baton Rouge Police officer went to investigate a littering complaint but found a case of child desertion instead. The mentally disabled child did not know how to get out of the home, or call for help if case of an emergency.

Father also arrested for death of 11-month-old child; charged with First-Degree Murder

The father of the 11-month-old child who died earlier this week was arrested today and charged with First-Degree Murder. As he was being transported to Parish Prison, he protested the charges.

LSU baseball attendance No. 1 for 18th straight year

LSU is No. 1 in the final 2013 college baseball attendance rankings, marking the 18th straight season in which the Tigers have led the nation in total attendance.

Man burns down home after trying to make meth

An Amite man has been arrested after accidently burning down his home while he tried to make meth.

Louisiana Chimp Haven celebrates win for chimpanzees used for testing

Chimp Haven learned today that National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Dr.

Traffic stop leads to cocaine-related arrest

A traffic stop on the evening of June 21 in Walker resulted in the arrest of the driver on drug charges.

Motorcyclist dies after ramming into side of car

A Slidell man has died after he drove my motorcycle at high speeds and ran into an oncoming vehicle.

Human trafficking: ‘It’s happening in your subdivision, but everybody is unaware'

You might think human trafficking only happens in other countries, but it's happening here in the United States and right here in Louisiana.

Judge approved Scotlandville sewer buyouts; meeting planned

Dozens of University Place residents will get to meet the real estate agents hired by the city-parish to assist them in moving away from the North Wastewater Treatment Plant.

College student could get date with former LSU track star Lolo Jones; promises date for 150,000 retweets of his request

A Georgia man has been promised by former LSU track star Lolo Jones that she will go on a date with him – but there’s a catch. Georgia State student Bubby Lyles, Jr. must get 150,000 retweets from of his date request.