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Investigators search dumping ground for stolen vehicles for missing school teacher’s car

Search crews will scour an area of New Orleans east today that is a known dumping ground for stolen vehicles. Investigators hope to recover clues in the case of missing school teacher, Terilynn Monette.

LSU professor gives thoughts on North Korea's nuclear attack threats

While the nation continues to monitor the nuclear threats presented by North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, LSU Associate Professor of Political Science David Sobek is keeping a close eye on the escalating threats as well.

CATS only making minimal improvements after receiving $11 million from local property tax

CATS busses are running all across the Capitol City, but riders like Roy Mendenhall said he expected more. “If I’ve got to pay the taxes, I’d like to ride the bus that I'm paying for,” said Mendenhall.

Sulphur man locked up for striking two young children on the hands with wooden stick

A Sulphur man was arrested on cruelty charges after he allegedly struck two young children on the hands with wooden sticks, causing them bruising.

First round of home inspections almost complete in Bayou Corne

Texas Brine officials say their contractors completed 85 out of 89 home inspections in Bayou Corne. The homes are owned by people who want to be bought out, but they did not hire a lawyer, yet.

Online paper investigates claims of propaganda in Ascension tax issue

On May 4, 2013, residents of Ascension Parish will vote in a special election on a $15 million tax to provide support to the District 1 fire service.

Mysterious death of Hammond man continues to baffle investigators 13 years later

The mysterious death of a 23-year-old man from Hammond continues to baffle investigators 13 years after it happened. Officials hope someone can provide information that will help put this case to rest.

Homeless man arrested on drug charges while playing video poker

Houma police have arrested a homeless man on multiple charges after he punched an officer while attempting to evade a drug-related arrest.

St. Amant father and son arrested on drug charges

A father and son have been both locked up on drug charges in Ascension Parish. On April 8, authorities went to the home of Audie and Austin Decoteau to investigate complaints of drug activity.

Thief of stolen birds from Zoo of Acadiana died in single vehicle crash

A man who stole three birds from the Zoo of Acadiana died after he lost control of his vehicle and crashed while attempting to outrun police.