Local News

50 to 75 new jobs headed to Gonzales

People living in Gonzales are excited about 50 to 75 new jobs coming to the city.

Attempted rapist clubs woman with hammer

A man has been placed under arrest after striking a woman in her head with a hammer in an attempt to rape her.

LSU's O'Bryant puts NBA dreams on hold

LSU star basketball player Johnny O’Bryant III announced Tuesday that he will return to college for his junior year instead of pursuing a professional career.

Woman who lost control while changing lanes dies in crash

A Lutcher woman has died after losing control of her car while driving on the interstate.

WANTED: Warrant issued for man accused of murder in St. John parish

St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff's Office Detectives have obtained an arrest warrant for Demond Baker, 33, in connection with a homicide that occurred in the early morning hours of April 7.

Baton Rouge drive-by shooter arrested on attempted murder charges

A Baton Rouge man has been arrested on attempted murder charges after committing a drive-by shooting in Baker.

Happy birthday wish from neighbor ends with arrest, trip to hospital

A visit from a neighbor to wish a man happy birthday ended with a trip to the hospital and an arrest. The feuding women reportedly threatened each other repeatedly in front of the suspect’s three children.

Final day to submit application for position of BRPD chief

Today is the final day for applicants who want to become the next chief of police in Baton Rouge. Those wanting to apply for the job must turn in their application by 4:30 p.m. this afternoon.

Louisiana lawmakers say President Obama biggest opponent in gun rights fight

State lawmakers say they will take a stand against anyone who wants to force gun control on Louisiana.

Lawmakers to spend the next 2 months at the Capitol for legislative session

Starting today, lawmakers will spend the next two months working to enact new laws and find a balance among controversial topics.