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Gallery opening displays artists in line for BR Walls project

Art lovers got their first look at paintings that could soon transform downtown Baton Rouge. The Cress Gallery opened an exhibit Thursday for three artists who will be featured in the BR Walls Project.

Bomb threat found at Lafayette school

Students were evacuated at L.J. Alleman after a bomb threat was found.

Lavergne's psychiatric evaluation released

 A recently released psychiatric evaluation performed on Brandon Lavergne reveals a history of reported sexual and physical abuse.

Louisiana looking to collect on owed money

Louisiana state officials are trying to decide how best to collect almost $1.5 billion that is owed the state. The money owed comes from unpaid fines and fees. It also includes state services and medical bills.

Vitter wins 'Man of the Year' award from BR Republican Party

Louisiana Senator David Vitter has been named “Man of the Year”, just days after making it to a list of the most corrupt congressmen.

Baton Rouge Zoo saddened to announce death of baby giraffe

BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo is deeply saddened by the loss of a female baby giraffe. The giraffe passed away this morning after Zoo staff conducted its regular morning inspections. The baby was born Monday, September 10.

Tax relief available for victims of Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana

Victims of Hurricane Isaac that began on August 26, 2012 in parts of Louisiana may qualify for tax relief from the Internal Revenue Service.

Baton Rouge Youth Coalition takes part in charity campaign

The Baton Rouge Youth Coalition helps local high school students, and you can make sure they have the money to continue doing their work.

FEMA gives over $7 million to Louisiana agencies after Hurricane Isaac

For all the past talk of FEMA making it difficult to get reimbursements to those in need, the agency appears to be coming through this time around.

Louisiana Secretary of State to educate Middle East troops about absentee voting

Secretary of State Tom Schedler is one of five secretaries of state, along with Federal Voting Assistance Program Staff, who are on an overseas trip to educate and assist servicemen, women and their families regarding military and overseas abse