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Student charged with 159 counts of identity theft

BATON ROUGE, La (NBC33) — A high school student is in serious trouble. That's after police caught Arnetia Buckles, 17, with a list of names, dates of birth, and social security numbers for 187 people.

A Double Shooting in North Baton Rouge leaves two dead, and many asking questions

The East Baton Rouge Sheriffs Office say two people were shot and killed in the Glen Oaks subdivision around two o'clock Tuesday morning.

Local nurse remembers infant left in dumpster

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) — Nurse Debbie Fowler remembers the day a newborn infant was found in a dumpster on Iberia Street in north Baton Rouge. That was nine years ago.

Nine-year-old cold case solved

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) — Police say JoAnn King, 28, put her newborn baby in a dumpster on Iberia Street in 2002. Nine years later, it was DNA evidence that led Baton Rouge Police to her.

Mother of injured cyclist staying strong

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) — Days after Danny Morris was hit by an alleged drunk driver while cycling on Perkins Road, he's still in a medically induced coma.

Long road to recovery for injured cyclist

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) — Chris Waltman got the call at 1:00 in the morning. "I missed the call, but as soon as I saw it was from his mom, I knew that something was wrong," he says.

Donaldsonville Residents fearful about recent burglaries

DONALDSONVILLE, LA (FOX44) -David Dubreuil and his wife have lived on McManor Circle for a long time. "40 some years, 42 years," said Dubreuil.

Planning Comittee tries to pass Amendment

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) - The Sierra Club of Baton Rouge is concerned over a new Amendment that's changing the way subdivisions are built in Baton Rouge.

LFT President Steve Monaghan outlines problems in Governor Jindal's Education plan

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) - Louisiana Federation of Teachers President, Steve Monaghan spoke to the Press Club of Baton Rouge today.

Friends of Nathaniel Crowson hold memorial at Mid City Bikes

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) - Monday night, friends of Nathaniel Crowson held a memorial to remember thier friend they lost in an accident Saturday night.