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State Police Ask Not To Stop When Spillway Opens

State police are asking that people not stop their cars to watch the Bonnet Carre spillway opened. When the state of Louisiana experienced this type of flooding in 2008, police say I-10 was backed up for miles.

Cats Looking To Become More Efficient

The capital area transit system is getting a hard look today by members of a commission set to fix the program. Several members of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Transit are spending their morning on Cats busses.

Louisiana Is Preparing Against A Wipe-out

In Tennessee the Mississippi River is cresting tonight at 48 feet. Just inches shy of the record, set in 1937. Floodwaters are inundating homes and streets in low-lying areas of the city.

Angola starts evacuations

ANGOLA STATE PEN. (FOX44) - Thousands of inmates have started to evacuate from Angola. That as the Mississippi River keeps rising.

Mother's Day 2011

BATON ROUGE (FOX44) - Sunday was a day to celebrate someone very important in our lives... Mom. Restaurants like Boutin's were packed Sunday.

Ponchartrain Levee District takes precautions

BATON ROUGE (FOX44) - As the Mississippi river continues to rise, sand bags are being placed along certain points in the levee to prevent seepage.

Ascension Firefighters honor their fallen

GONZALES, LA (FOX44) - Ascension firefighters gathered at Lamar-Dixon Saturday to pay tribute to their fallen brothers.

Lemonade Day teaches kids entrepreneurship

BATON ROUGE (FOX44) - Over a thousand kids remembered Saturday as the day they set up their first lemonade stand.

A Celebration For Some Local Heroes

Firefighters in Ascension Parish will get their own day of appreciation this weekend. Over 1 thousand people are expected to come out tomorrow at the Lamar Dixon expo center for the celebration.

Moms Get A Gift That Can Last A Lifetime

Sunday is Mothers Day and there is a local spot where moms can go with their children, to get a little extra love, all year round. The Red Shoes on Government Street in Baton Rouge hosts a mommy-and-me yoga classes every month.