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Burn ban lifted in Ascension Parish

GONZALES, LA (ASCENSION PARISH PRESIDENT'S OFFICE) - Ascension Parish President Tommy Martinez announced today the parish’s burn ban is now lifted.  

Port Allen has a new mayor

PORT ALLEN, La (FOX44) - — By a vote of three to one, the Port Allen city council elected R.J. Loupe as the city's next mayor.

A local eatery is creates a place for children to feel safe

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) - One out of four girls, and one out of six boys will be the victim of sexual abuse before age 18.

Sheriff's Department pulling stolen cars out of the Vermillion River

LAFAYETTE, La (FOX44) - For the second time in weeks, the Lafayette Sheriff’s Department along with the Calcasieu Parish dive team spending part of their day in the Vermillion River pulling cars out of the water.

City councilman questioned over inappropriate picture

KENNER, La (FOX44) - A city council member is calling her colleague Joe Stagni's actions outrageous and appalling, but she's stopping short of calling for his resignation.

A home break-in could be related to TJ Ribs shooting

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) - A 25 year old man is arrested for breaking into the home of one of the victims of the shooting that happened Friday at TJ Ribs.

Baker police chief gives warning to residents following shooting

BAKER, La (FOX44) - A shooting in Baker put several behind bars, and has the police chief fuming.

Up and coming star stops in Lafayette to greet fans

LAFAYETTE, La (FOX44) - Cody Simpson is his name and he's already being called the new Justin Beiber. Cody made a stop on June 29th to greet some of his fans.

On this day in history, the Apple iphone was introduced

1652 - Massachusetts declared itself an independent commonwealth. 1776 - The Virginia constitution was adopted and Patrick Henry was made governor.

People learn how to not get scammed

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) - — People from across Baton Rouge came out to the Office of the State Marshal from six until eight p.m. Monday for the "How to protect yourself from Home Improvement/Home Fraud Repair Workshop".