Local News

Shrimp season comes to a close in Louisiana

LOUISIANA (FOX44) - Some shrimping is off limits as of July 18th, and the inshore season is over for most of the state.

New evidence policy for the coroner's office

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) - There is a new drug policy at the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner's Office, after a chief investigator was shot and killed inside TJ Ribs last month.

Leo Honeycutt talks about Edwin Edwards and his biography

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) -- A year and a half after the Edwin Edwards biography was published, copies are still flying off the shelves. Edwards signed thousands of books in Baton Rouge over the weekend.

Trying to save the cowboy way of life

CLINTON, La (FOX44) — Skeeter Jones is a cowboy and has been since the day he was born, "when i was a baby, i actually climbed up the horse's tail. i used to clmb up the tail and get on the saddle."

On this day in history, the first Oscar Meyer "Wienermobile" rolled out of the factory

1743 - "The New York Weekly Journal" published the first half-page newspaper ad. 1914 - Six planes of the U.S. Army helped to form an aviation division called the Signal Corps.

Dog starved near death in Tangipahoa Parish

TANGIPAHOA, LA (FOX44) - Saturday afternoon, this dog was siezed by the Tangi Humane society after a concerned neighbor called the Livingston Parish Sheriffs Office.

Baton Rouge Irish Film Festival

Saturday, Irish eyes were smiling at international films during the Baton Rouge Irish Film Festival. It wasn't just great films that were shown. There were great musical, and dancing acts as well.

Luxury car thief arrested in Sulphur

SULPHUR, La (FOX44) - Police say they arrested a thief with an eye for luxury cars. This is 22-year old Justin Durbin, also known as the "Bentley Bandit."

Third annual Baton Rouge Irish Film Festival

For local movie lovers who don't have tickets to harry potter, the Baton Rouge Irish film festival is going on Saturday at the Manship Theater.

Ron Dupree Basketball Camp

Youngsters in Baton Rouge got tips and training from pro basketball players. Kids of all ages from elementary school to high school were drilled, and drilled, and drilled on fundamentals by NBA star Ronald Dupree.