Local News

Police Chief Charles Mondrick Takes Precautions

Baton Rouge Police Chief Charles Mondrick ordered the evidence room at BRPD headquarters be moved to higher ground. Chief Mondrick says the decision was made out of an abundance of caution.

Louisiana Black Caucus Claims Governor Jindal Is Ignoring Them

The Louisiana Black Caucus says Governor Bobby Jindal is refusing to meet with them about the SUNO/UNO merger.

On the river: towboat workers concerned about river levels

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) — For six months out of the year, Ted Ewing lives on the river.

Suspect Arrested In Hit And Run

A woman is in jail tonight for hitting a man with her car and driving away. State police got the call around 6am on the morning of May 12th that a man was lying in a ditch.

Homeowner's May Be In Luck When It Comes To Flood Insurance

Insurance commissioner Jim Donelon says flood insurance is still available for homeowners.

Local Business Owner's Have Questions For Mayor President Kip Holden

With the Mississippi River still rising, downtown owners in Baton Rouge say they're worried about what could happen in the next few weeks.

Krotz Springs Receives A Visitor

Governor Jindal paid a visit to Krotz Springs on May 12th. After rubbing elbows with residents there, he announced he's extending a makeshift levee another mile.

Attempting To Tame The Mighty Mississippi River

The Army Corps of Engineers continues its quest to tame the raging and powerful Mississippi River. There is still no word on if or when the Morganza Spillway will open to help stabilize river levels.

State Lawmakers Cracking Down On Bullying

A new bill expands the definition of bullying, to include any act of harassment that is brought on by race, color, or sexual orientation.

Rally At Capitol For Awareness

At the capitol on May 12th there was a rally for mental health issues and substance abuse awareness. Decked out in all orange and green, dozens showed up to ask state leaders to pay up, and make recovery a priority in this state.