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Two Accused of Animal Cruelty turned themselves into EBR Sheriffs

Baton Rouge, La (FOX44) - Tuesday morning, two women dropped off several dogs at Park Forest Animal Hospital two months ago turned themselves in.

Port Allen mayor admits to taking bribes

PORT ALLEN, La (FOX44) - Mayor Derek Lewis admits he took bribes from undercover FBI agents and stepped down on June 28th.

Police auction a huge success

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) — The sale of more than 200 seized and abandoned bicycles, lawnmowers and four-wheelers raised almost $16,000 on Saturday.

Shooting in Darrow leaves teenager dead

DARROW, La (FOX44) — Teenager Darren Smylie, Jr. of Darrow is dead after being shot once while inside his house on Venus Avenue. Smylie's father found his son in their home around five p.m Monday.

Three teens in trouble for school vandalism

ASSUMPTION PARISH (FOX44) - Deputies say three teens broke into Pierre Part primary and middle schools and caused lots of damage.

Two men arrested for car break-ins

ASCENTION PARISH (FOX44) - Two men are locked up on charges they stole a list of things from unlocked cars throughout the Parish.

Home Health Care more cost effective

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) - U.S. Congressman Bill Cassidy joined health care providers and caregivers at the Old Governor's Mansion today to discuss home health care.

Edwin Edwards to possibly star in reality show

A former Governor of Louisiana may have his own reality TV show soon.

Edwin Edwards could become a reality show star

LOUISIANA (FOX44) - A former governor of Louisiana may have his own reality TV show soon. Edwin Edwards announced on Facebook Sunday that he could possibly be a star of an upcoming reality TV show.

Nuisance hunter keeps alligators in check

Most of the time, they stick to the swamps, but every once in awhile, alligators show up in places they shouldn't be. Then, it's up to nuisance hunters to get rid of them.