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LEAP results show progress for LA students

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) - Louisiana's students are doing better academically according to the LEAP test results released today.

Baton Rouge Metro Airport unveils new addition

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) - The Baton Rouge Metro Airport unveiled its newest addition today. Nearly ten million dollars worth of improvements were added on to the airport police and air rescue fighting facility, all to keep you safe.

Shooting in Baton Rouge

One person was shot early this morning on Calumet Street--near Plank Road and Acadian. Police and EMS got the 911 call around 330am. One person was taken to the hospital, no word yet on the injuries.

Search and rescue continues in Joplin Missouri

The death toll keeps climbing in Joplin Missouri-- it's at 116 right now. Sunday's tornado tore a six mile long, and half mile wide gas through the south side of the city. Joplin has about 46 thousand residents.

New version of merger bill approved by House

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44)- At the Capitol today, a newer version of a previous bill that wanted to merge SUNO with UNO is approved by the House of Representatives

Elementary Student raises money for Red Cross

CENTRAL, LA (FOX44) - Emily Rodrigue is a 10 year old with a lot of initiative.

Patrolling the rivers with LSP

ATCHAFALAYA BASIN, La (FOX44) - As the water keeps moving toward places like Melville and Morgan City - the Louisiana State Police is keeping an eye on things - from the sky.

Governor Jindal worried if budget doesn't get passed, safety will be at risk

At the Capital this Monday night, Governor Bobby Jindal says the state's in trouble If his budget doesn't get passed. Governor Jindal told FOX44, the House Appropriations Committee budget bill will put your safety at risk.

Shrimping season opens

Shrimping season opened on May 23rd, and things are looking positive. Less than one percent of state waters are still closed due to the BP oil spill.

Claims process for the BP oil spill being questioned

Oil may be less visible on the coast, but plenty of questions still swirl around the claims process for the BP oil spill. The oversight committee for Gulf Coast claims facility met at the Capitol today.