Local News

Michael Jackson Doc in Mid-Air Emergency

TMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray may have saved a life this morning ... 30,000 feet above the ground.

Hurst Middle school students "Wetland Watchers"

The crisis on the coast is heavy on the minds of students at Harry M. Hurst Middle School in Destrehan. A huge portion of their curriculum centers around protecting Louisiana's wetlands.

Hammond's Hottest Talent Singing Competition

The Hammond Downtown Development District has an open call for all amateur singers, 18 and older, to sign up for a singing competition.

PHOTO RELEASE: SCAT Teams Document Tar Balls in Fourchon Beach

BATON ROUGE, La. - Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment Teams inspecting Fourchon beach on Thursday, May 13, documented substantial numbers of tar balls, some up to eight inches in diameter, along the entire beach.

Oiled Pelican Discovered Along Bayou Rigaud

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries biologists found an oiled Brown Pelican, Louisiana's official state bird, on the rocks along Bayou Rigaud, across from Sand Dollar Marina on Thursday, May 13.

Wiccan priestess: "Pagans mean no harm"

Many Livingston Parish residents want to keep a pagan festival from coming to Killian. But one woman wants to set the "spell-casting" and "devil-worshipping" rumors straight.

Iberville Parish says new hospital possible

The public will soon get a say on a plan to build a new hospital in Iberville parish. Iberville has been without a health facility for about a year now.

Massive Layoffs Planned for Jackson Hospital

Massive layoffs are planned at the Eastern Louisiana State Mental Hospital.

Boom "strategically placed" in Breton Sound

The oil slick is still 20 miles away from some of Lousiana's most delicate wetlands. Still, fisherman in Breton Sound aren't willing to take any chances. They've been laying out and monitoring boom around the clock.

"Sea Clean Battleship" boasts best in oil spill clean-up

A New Iberia man says he's designed the most efficient vessel to handle underwater well blowouts in the world. But why isn’t the Sea Clean Battleship cleaning up the oil in the gulf? It hasn’t been built yet.