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House fire on Wentworth Street

BATON ROUGE (FOX44) - Another fire early Saturday morning. St. George fire fighters said it happened around 6:30 Saturday morning. They said they responded to a neighbor who called 911.

House fire on Clayton Street

BATON ROUGE (FOX44) - Early Saturday morning a fire was caused by carelessness. Baton Rouge Firefighters said it happened around 3:00 Saturday morning. They said the fire started because of a pot left on the stove.

Can the iPhone track your every move?

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) -- If you’re an iPhone user, you may want to check this out! The newest operating system for iPhones keeps track of everywhere you are. Then, it saves that data for years to come.

Walker thinking about mayoral run

BATON ROUE, La (FOX44) - Mayor Pro Tem Mike Walker won't be allowed to run again once his term is up. That's because of term limits. But now, he tells NBC33 News he's not ruling out a run for Mayor in 2012.

Center sees two copper thefts in one week

UPDATE: A group of church leaders are still angry over two separate vandalisms at a local community center. Now, law enforcement agencies and community leaders are banding together to keep the thefts from happening a third time.

Teachers worried about future of education system

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) — A group of school leaders say they've had enough with cuts to education. Now, they're banding together and speaking out.

Controversial welfare bill back in session

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) — A Louisiana lawmaker revisits his bill to require random drug testing for welfare recipients. Last year, the bill was shot down by the Senate, but he's beack to take another stab at it.

Earth Day 2011

BATON ROUGE (FOX44) - On the grounds of the Old State Capitol Sunday, Baton Rouge celebrated Earth Day.

U High students quaffles and snitches for Quidditch

BATON ROUGE (FOX44) - U High students hosted a "Quidditch" championship Sunday. The spectators at LSU weren't there to watch baseball or football, but Quidditch, a game derived from the popular Harry Potter books.

Angola Prison Rodeo 2011

ST. FRANCISVILLE (FOX44) - The NBC 33 Morning Addition crew opened the Angola Prison Rodeo this weekend. This rodeo is the longest running rodeo in the country, it's been going strong since 1965.