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Moms Get A Gift That Can Last A Lifetime

Sunday is Mothers Day and there is a local spot where moms can go with their children, to get a little extra love, all year round. The Red Shoes on Government Street in Baton Rouge hosts a mommy-and-me yoga classes every month.

Bad Flooding May Equal Good Crawfish

Crawfish farmers in the basin are welcoming the coming water, saying it will make for the best crawfish season in years. We talked with John Day of Seafood International. He says this will be a major boost for the area.

Flooding Could Effect Seafood Seasons

The Bonne Carre Spillway will open on Monday, and fishermen are facing a possible blow. Shrimp, crab and oysters are all facing a new loss with the opening of the spillway.

Fear of Flooding Effecting Everyone

In west Baton Rouge, folks in Brusly fearing the high water will push them out of their homes. Major Richie Johnson is just one of those residents who lives along the river's edge.

Army Corp of Engineer Suggest Evacuation

If you live along the Atchafalaya River or the Mississippi river, you need to make plans now, to evacuate. That's from the United States Army Corp of Engineers today.

Wife Suspected Of Stabbing Husband

On May 5, 2011 Port Allen Police Officers, along with Deputies from the West Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office, responded to a report of a wife stabbing her husband in the City Limits of Port Allen.

Wearable art inspires artist

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX 44) — One local artist puts a unique spin on fashion.

Battle Won Over Tony The Tiger

Animal rights activists for years have tried to free a tiger named Tony, today they won their battle in court.

Smash and Grab Burglars Arrested

On May 4, 2011, Detectives arrested two men responsible for at least eight vehicle burglaries in which windows were broken and purses were taken.

Suspect Arrested In LSU Flag Burning

The man accused of burning an American flag at LSU was arrested today. University police say 23-year-old Isaac Eslava ripped it down from the war memorial there.