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Tornado in Tangipahoa Parish

Families are cleaning up after a tornado sweeps through Loranger, Tangipahoa Parish. Emergency officials say it hit just after 6:30 Wednesday night.

Saints fans beware

Saints fans are being told to be on the look-out for scam artists when trying to track down tickets to the NFC championship game. Authorities claim sometimes even the keenest eye can't spot a fake ticket from a real one.

Caught in the Web: Amy Winehouse admits to assault charges

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Volunteer firefighter charged with arson

A man hired to put out fires is now facing arson charges. Authorities say 24-year-old Adam Paul Carriere became a volunteer firefighter three days before he allegedly torched a pair of vacant structures in the Tunica Hills area. Investigators conne

Parish's push to re-open River West

Update: January 20, 2010 The most recent push to re-open River West has been given the “go-ahead” by Iberville Parish leaders. Tuesday night, the Iberville Parish Council voted unanimously to adopt a resolution that would help save the area’s o

Caught in the Web: A new Valentine's Day message for your sweetie

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Some 300 LSU instructors will get pink slip on Tuesday

More than 300 LSU instructors will recieve a letter of termination on their first day of classes tomorrow. The letter serves as a warning that the instructors could lose their jobs in the coming year if the University can't come up with another wa

Caught in the Web: Parents naming children after Avatar characters

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Caught in the Web: British cops take a break from work

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Consumer Alert: Helping Haiti Victims

As aid continues to come into Haiti, more organizations here are relying on you for support. But now a growing number of folks that claim to use your money to help victims are keeping it for themselves. The Better Business Bureau says there hav