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Wilson recall election is on

The recall election for the mayor of Wilson will go on as scheduled for now. Current Mayor Joshua Thomas was in court Tuesday hoping a judge would throw out a petition voters put together to schedule a recall election.

Citizens speak out: expected ELMHS cuts

A state capital meeting room was packed for a House Appopriations Committee meeting Tuesday.

LSU students to brew own beer?

LSU is "brewing up" a new work study program for its food science students— one that would allow beer to be made and sold on campus! John Finley head of the University's Food Science Department says Chancellor Michael Martin approached him w

Where Oscar winners will show up next

In Hollywood, you're only as good as your last movie. And when you win an Oscar, the stakes are even higher.

Baton Rouge ready for St. Patty's Day

The streets of Baton Rouge are set for one gigantic St. Patty's day celebration. Saturday, it's the 25th Annual Wearin’ of the Green Parade…and it's a scene that not only partygoers are looking forward to.

Renaming Port Allen road could prove costly for residents

Folks in Port Allen say hometown hero Tracy Porter put their city on the map, and now they want to give something back to him. Mayor derek Lewis helped introduce an ordinance at the town council meeting Wednesday night. The proposal would renam

Baker security camera controversy

Baker's chief of police and the man in charge of the city's schools are at odds— and they're bringing in the Attorney General’s office to help settle things. Chief Mike Knaps wants his department to be granted access to security cameras in thr

Attempt to Identify and Locate

The Lafayette Police Department is attempting to identify a suspect who stole a car from a residence in Lafayette and whose photo was captured on a traffic camera.

Zachary Police identify man found on McHugh Rd

Zachary Police have identified the man found dead on McHugh Road early Monday morning. Police say the victim is 38-year-old Kelvin Moore. Autopsy results show he was killed by a gunshot wound.

Wilson mayor taking petition to court

A last ditch effort is underway to stop a recall election for the mayor of Wilson. Over the last few months, voters in the East Feliciana village got enough signatures on a petition to recall current mayor Joshua Thomas. But Thomas says many of