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Protecting Your Property From the Freeze

The big chill is on across Louisiana. Now experts from one industry want to make sure your house can handle the cold. Plumbers all across the region have been working overtime.

Extra green for going green

Tax season is here and this year many folks, especially Louisiana residents, are getting extra green for going green. The federal government has tripled the tax credit for energy-efficient upgrades to homes. That means if you've purchased a ener

Caught in the web: Blago on reality TV

Here are some stories we found tonight "Caught in the Web":

EBR parents ticketed for truancy

If your child misses more than 5 days of school without an excuse, Parish officials say, you'll be hearing from them. The crackdown on truancy in Baton Rouge officially started last week. The district attorney's office issued 3 tickets to paren

Central community rallies for injured teens

Two separate car accidents injured three Central teenagers in December. Now—the entire community is getting together to show their support. 18-year-old Kelsey Lieux was in a car wreck 3 weeks ago. She's been in a medically induced coma

Auto insurance rates up

A new state law that raises the requirement for minimum coverage went into effect on January 1st. Before 2010, drivers needed at least 10-20-10 coverage on their auto insurance. Those numbers deal with the amount the insurance companies will pa

Where's your crawfish from?

Louisiana is ringing in the New Year with several new laws including one that gives diners the right to know where their crawfish is coming from. If asked restaurants are now required to tell their customers whether their mudbugs are homegrown or im

Keeping Your Pets Safe in the Cold

This cold blast has animal experts telling folks to keep an extra eye on their pets. Cats and dogs are both equally prone to frostbite in this weather. Animal experts say it's important to bring your pets inside.

Caught in the Web: Boise State football players get their fill

Here are some stories we found tonight "Caught in the Web":

Fire At The Caterie On Perkins Road

The Baton Rouge Fire Department is still working a fire at a shopping center on the 3600 block of Perkins Road where the Caterie is located. At this time, the fire is not yet under control.