Local News

BRPD investigating 6 weekend shootings

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) - Baton Rouge Police are still looking into six weekend shootings. When the bullets stopped flying, 4 people were killed, 2 were injured, and a BRPD car was hit by bullets.

Lamar Advertising to build "green" billboards

BATON ROUGE (FOX44) - A Louisiana company is going to new heights to save energy by going green.

Shooting on Starring Lane

BATON ROUGE (FOX44) - Late Friday night one person was killed at a gas station on Starring lane. Police officers said it happened around 10 pm.

Two women dead in Murder Suicide

BATON ROUGE (FOX44) - Friday night, two women were found shot to death in the Old Quarter neighborhood.

House Fire on White Sands Drive

BATON ROUGE (FOX44) - Saturday morning, an electrical fire claimed a carport and a storage room on white sands drive.

Shooting on Winnebago Street

BATON ROUGE (FOX44) - Early Sunday morning a shootout killed one person, and caused another to crash a car. It happened around 2:00 this morning.

Anime Fans Rock Louisianime

BATON ROUGE (FOX44) - Louisianime has come to Baton Rouge.

House fire on Wentworth Street

BATON ROUGE (FOX44) - Another fire early Saturday morning. St. George fire fighters said it happened around 6:30 Saturday morning. They said they responded to a neighbor who called 911.

House fire on Clayton Street

BATON ROUGE (FOX44) - Early Saturday morning a fire was caused by carelessness. Baton Rouge Firefighters said it happened around 3:00 Saturday morning. They said the fire started because of a pot left on the stove.

Can the iPhone track your every move?

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) -- If you’re an iPhone user, you may want to check this out! The newest operating system for iPhones keeps track of everywhere you are. Then, it saves that data for years to come.