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One sector of the food industry is doing well in this tough economy. Nationwide, many specialty stores said they've actually seen their business increase. Fresina's Pasta Compan, has seen an 8 percent increase in sales.

LSU Chancellor talks about upcoming semester

The U-S News and World Report recently ranked LSU in the top tier for best colleges, but will the ranking last? With looming budget cuts Chancellor Michael Martin only hopes his school will continue to compete with the nations best.

Budweiser "Fan Cans" feature LSU colors

LSU fans can now buy beer cans featuring the college colors. Budweiser has launched the "Fan Can Campaign". Several school colors are featured on the cans of beer.

Early morning shooting shuts down Interstate 110

Four people were shot during an early morning shooting. It happened on I-110 at the Weller Ave. exit around 2:00 this morning. Officers found four people in and around the vehicle.

Sheep used to keep grass cut in Parks

The town of Parks, Louisiana has just cut 15 employees from its workforce. These "employees" already have a new gig lined up. They are moving to a new farm. For years, the town has used sheep to to keep the grass short in one section of town.

Man charged with 30 counts of animal cruelty

A Plaquemine man faces over 30 counts of cruelty to animal charges after Iberville Parish authorities found dead animals rotting everywhere on his property.

Two teens hurt in weekend shooting

After several shootings in the Brookstown area, community members are asking to local leaders to come up with a solution to make it safer. FOX 44's Duke Carter explains what officials have in the works.

Louisiana Lottery brings in millions of dollars to the state

The Louisiana Lottery is an even hotter ticket item these days bringing in millions of dollars to the state. FOX 44's Morgan Rose fings out how that money gets divided up.

New hurricane model underway at LSU

While Hurricane Bill is churning in the Atlantic, one professor and his research team are finding a way to warn people earlier than ever. They're using a new model to help track storms.

String of car burglaries hit Ascension

Car break-ins are on the rise in Ascension Parish, but the sheriff's department says with a little common sense, it's a crime that could be avoided. Authorities say the burglars are targeting unlocked vehicles.