Local News

LSU workers won't have furloughs

Looks like members of the LSU staff won't have to take furloughs after all.

LA State Police receive new guns

State Police are stepping it up. Trading in their old guns for new and improved firearms.

Dealerships waiting on reimbursement for Cash for Clunkers

Several car dealerships around Baton Rouge still have not received their reimbursement for the "Cash for Clunkers" program The program sparked the sale of more than 200,000 cars nationwide, and the federal government owes more than $900 million in

Band man fixes instruments for upcoming LSU musicians

The start of the LSU football is just around the corner. Players aren't the only ones preparing, the band is as well. The musicians will begin practicing next week. For now, most of their instruments sit in storage rooms.

Central football players sick with swine flu

Several members of the Central High School football team have become sick with swine flu. 22 players have confirmed cases. Another 20 players have missed practice for a variety of other health reasons.

How Pilots Protect Our Forests

Lauren Unger rides along with James Shaw, a pilot for the Department of Agriculture who helps protect Louisiana forests while flying thousands of feet in the sky.

Jack Dagger: the King of Fling

FOX News Baton Rouge tracks down a record-holding knife thrower from right here in the capital city. Jack Dagger gives viewers a short lesson in the art of throwing daggers.

Tracking 2nd Tropical Depression of the Season

Tropical Depression 2 has formed in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean.

'Audubon Alive' project unveiled

Developers unveiled plans for "Audubon Alive." The downtown theme park would be focused on the Mississippi River and coastal Louisiana.

Jefferson found guilty on 11 of 16 bribery charges

A jury convicted former New Orleans Congressman William Jefferson on federal bribery charges. The trial lasted eight weeks and deliberations took five days. Jurors found him guilty on 11 of 16 counts for taking bribes to broker deals in Africa.