Local News

4th of July Shooting Trial

One of the men accused of firing shots two years ago at a July 4th celebration on the levee was in court today. The word “intent” is what’s going to determine the outcome of this case.

National Guard Hurricane Preps

Members of the National Guard and state agencies say they’re ready for the upcoming hurricane season. Our David D’Aquin is tracking this story.

Healthcare Cuts

The Medicare and Medicaid programs are facing millions of dollars of cuts in federal funding. The deep federal cuts could soon limit medical care for some. Our Lauren Unger found out about the cuts. 26% of people in Louisiana use Medicaid.

Southern President Files Federal Suit

Just one day after the Southern University Board of Regents agreed to let university president Ralph Slaughter work out the rest of his contract, Slaughter has filed a federal lawsuit against board members.

Cyclists Cry Out for New Laws

The tragic death of a local doctor could lead to new laws to protect cyclists. Colin Goodier was a local physician and avid cyclist. Last June he was killed in a tragic accident on River Road.

Tips from the Tee Box on FOX: Beating the Storm

With the storm approaching Thursday, PGA teaching professional Ryan McGwyer and sports director Chris Mycoskie were the only two people left on the course at Santa Maria Golf Academy.

LSU Football Team Making "Some Progress"

LSU made progress on both sides of the football on Thursday as the Tigers went through their second scrimmage of the spring with a 90-play workout here in Tiger Stadium. Thursday’s workout wrapped up the fourth week of spring practice for the Tige

More Wild Weather in Baton Rouge

According to Entergy strong winds and driving rain knocked down trees and power lines at several locations in the city. On Jefferson Highway, non-functioning traffic lights left many impatient drivers stuck in traffic.

Dramatic Arrest Caught on Tape

Two attempted murder suspects were arrested by Baton Rouge Swat. It’s video you’ll see only on FOX44.

Cell Phone Ban?

If you talk on your cell phone while driving, listen up. A New Orleans lawmaker wants to make it illegal.