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Tropical Depression ANA CIRCULATION OF ANA HAS DISSIPATED... 5:00 PM AST Mon Aug 17 Location: 17.5°N 68.0°W Max sustained: 35 mph Moving: WNW at 24 mph Min pressure: 1011 mb —————————&#8

Pregnant women, brother murdered

A woman eight months pregnant is shot to death in her home along with her 15-year-old brother. Baton Rouge police say 39-year-old Percy James Cage is responsible for the crime, shooting and killing ex-girlfriend, 31-year-old Tonya Smith and her 15

Baker residents hope for flooding fix

Some citizens in Baker hope the capitol improvements plan could mean less flooding. Residents say many of the parish-owned drainage pipes are clogged with debris. Because of that, large parts of Bethany Church on Plank Road have to use sandbags.

Railroad service between Baton Rouge and New Orleans

The state is working on plans to create a passenger railroad service between Baton Rouge and New Orleans once again. Transportation officials say they're asking for 300 million dollars from teh Federal Government to launch it.

First swine flu death in Louisiana

A New Orleans woman has died from the swine flu. It's the first death related to the virus here in Louisiana. State health officials say the woman was 21 years old. So far, 346 people have become sick with swine flu here in Louisiana.

No homework for Northside students

One Denham Springs school is doing things a little differently this year. A new homework free policy at Northside Elementary is giving students the chance to take a break from the books, once school lets out for the day. The new policy was crea

Dalton Elementary making big changes

One school is trying to make improvements after being taken over by the state. Dalton Elementary wants to improve it's grade by analyzing weekly test scores and offer indvidual support to students.

LSU workers won't have furloughs

Looks like members of the LSU staff won't have to take furloughs after all.

LA State Police receive new guns

State Police are stepping it up. Trading in their old guns for new and improved firearms.

Dealerships waiting on reimbursement for Cash for Clunkers

Several car dealerships around Baton Rouge still have not received their reimbursement for the "Cash for Clunkers" program The program sparked the sale of more than 200,000 cars nationwide, and the federal government owes more than $900 million in