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Superbowl Bound Saints

The New Orleans Saints are going to Miami. They beat the Minnesota Vikings 31-28 to win the NFC Champsionship. Fans say the game was not easy to watch.

Fans Buying Saints Cakes

Baum's Bakery workers are having a hard time keeping with the demand. Saints fans want a little bit of some black and gold treats before the big game this weekend. Owners say the rise in sales is because of the Saints 13 and 3 season.

U.S. Census hiring

The U.S. Census Bureau is hiring temporary workers to help them count heads in the area. The work is mobile. It includes delivering and picking up questionnaires from different communities.

Tornado in Tangipahoa Parish

Families are cleaning up after a tornado sweeps through Loranger, Tangipahoa Parish. Emergency officials say it hit just after 6:30 Wednesday night.

Saints fans beware

Saints fans are being told to be on the look-out for scam artists when trying to track down tickets to the NFC championship game. Authorities claim sometimes even the keenest eye can't spot a fake ticket from a real one.

Caught in the Web: Amy Winehouse admits to assault charges

Here are some stories we found tonight, "Caught in the Web":

Volunteer firefighter charged with arson

A man hired to put out fires is now facing arson charges. Authorities say 24-year-old Adam Paul Carriere became a volunteer firefighter three days before he allegedly torched a pair of vacant structures in the Tunica Hills area. Investigators conne

Parish's push to re-open River West

Update: January 20, 2010 The most recent push to re-open River West has been given the “go-ahead” by Iberville Parish leaders. Tuesday night, the Iberville Parish Council voted unanimously to adopt a resolution that would help save the area’s o

Caught in the Web: A new Valentine's Day message for your sweetie

Here are some stories we found tonight "Caught in the Web":

Some 300 LSU instructors will get pink slip on Tuesday

More than 300 LSU instructors will recieve a letter of termination on their first day of classes tomorrow. The letter serves as a warning that the instructors could lose their jobs in the coming year if the University can't come up with another wa