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SEC policy won't affect social networking site posts

The LSU faithful on Facebook won't have to worry this fall.

Nickelodeon to open theme park in New Orleans

Kids cable network Nickelodeon announced they will open a theme park at the site of hurricane damaged Six Flags. The new venture hopes to acquire one hundred million dollars in gulf oppurtunity zone bonds. Officals are hoping the new deal will

Store closes amid Perkins Rowe financial issues

The problems for the Perkins Rowe shopping center continue to pile up. Maude, the women's clothing store closed it's doors this weekend.

Louisiana shrimpers protesting prices

Hundreds of Louisiana shrimpers stormed onto the steps of the State Capitol on Tuesday to protest sinking shrimp prices. For years shrimpers across the state have complained about low per pound prices due to an influx of imported goods. They say a

BR Airport faring well in current economy

The Baton Rouge Metro Airport should be getting money from the stimulus plan, passed by congress this summer. It will pay for the construction of a new safety building. The money comes amid struggles for small to mid-size airports nationwide. Some

EBR school superintendent has high hopes for school year

East Baton Rouge Parish school superintendent John Dilworth just stepped into office, and he says he's ready to make some major changes. Dilworth layed out plans for the school system, with high hopes of dropping the area's drop-out rate. Recently,

Iberville parents upset about school commute

Its been almost four months since the Iberville Parish School Board voted to close North Iberville High School, but many community members still haven't warmed up to the idea. Kelsey Scram shows us a group of parents who have come up with their ow

West Nile virus in North Baton Rouge

The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals reports that a person in North Baton Rouge contracted the West Nile virus in late July. That virus eventually turned into full-blown West Nile fever.

Stanford victims pack senate hearing

Hundreds of victims who lost their money from Stanford Financial Group, listened in on a Senate committee hearing in Baton Rouge. R.

Engineers take to water for Baton Rouge Loop

Local officials took to Mississippi River to sort out final details of the Baton Rouge Loop project. Engineers and officials were on the river to figure where to build the northern and southern river crossings for the loop.