Local News

Massive Layoffs Planned for Jackson Hospital

Massive layoffs are planned at the Eastern Louisiana State Mental Hospital.

Boom "strategically placed" in Breton Sound

The oil slick is still 20 miles away from some of Lousiana's most delicate wetlands. Still, fisherman in Breton Sound aren't willing to take any chances. They've been laying out and monitoring boom around the clock.

"Sea Clean Battleship" boasts best in oil spill clean-up

A New Iberia man says he's designed the most efficient vessel to handle underwater well blowouts in the world. But why isn’t the Sea Clean Battleship cleaning up the oil in the gulf? It hasn’t been built yet.

Mother's Day gifts give back to Louisiana

For one local company protecting our coast comes in the form of Mother's Day gifts. The Niven Morgan Company will donate a portion of May sales from one of its most popular personal care and candle lines to the American Wetland Foundation.

Consumer Alert: Real Estate Scam

Yesterday NBC33 News told you about two scam artists who were arrested in Baton Rouge for real estate fraud. They finagled five thousand dollars from an eager prospective home buyer.

Your Voice: Nashville Flood Coverage

Your Voice: Was the flooding in Nashville overshadowed by the oil spill? It all began Saturday, May 1 when Nashville Police closed roads due to heavy storms. The next day, railroad bridges were found washed off their foundations.

2010 National Tourism Week

Louisiana Office of Tourism chooses education as the theme for the 2010 National Tourism Week.

REMINDER: BP & Federal Contact Numbers Regarding Gulf Oil Spill

REMINDER: BP and Federal Contact Numbers Regarding Gulf Oil Spill.  

Oil Spill Creates 500 New Jobs

Oil Spill creates 500 new jobs.  

Crisis On The Coast

The gulf coast in crisis and NBC33 News was there. Only NBC33's Oil Impact Tracker allowed you to track the oil spill movements online. NBC33 was the only local news station to bring you the President's visit live, as it happened.