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City forces Baton Rouge donut shop to close

After 22 years, Jay's Donuts on O'Neal Lane closed Sunday. The city expropriated the property for a road expansion project. Plans call for new lanes to be built where his donut shop sits now.

"Bikini body" bed at Planet Beach Contempo Spa

Planet Beach Contempo Spa on Highland road boasts their newest piece of spa equipment can get you into bikini-body mode in no time! It's called the SlimCapsule.

81 Year Old Robbed at Gunpoint

An 81 year old is doing fine after he's robbed at gunpoint. FOX News Baton Rouge cameras were there as deputies arrested Jessie Mabry. He's the one thought to break in to Alvester showers trailer - point a gun to his face - and rob him. We're

The 'OPRAH' Show Welcomes the Cast of 'GLEE'

CHICAGO, IL – On Wednesday, April 7, the cast of “Glee” takes to the “Oprah” show stage for a fun-filled hour of behind-the-scenes secrets, revealing interviews, unseen backstage moments, and a show-stopping performance.

LSU Athletic Dept. wraps up internal investigation

The LSU Athletic Department has wrapped up an internal investigation into possible recruiting violations for the football team. The 55-page report was submitted to the NCAA and the SEC office Tuesday.

LA lawmaker says no energy drinks for kids

Guzzling down a Redbull or a Rockstar is a common way for people of all ages to boost energy levels. But one Louisiana lawmaker says—these popular drinks shouldn't be for teens. In fact, Rep. Sen.

State unveils plan to help pay for longterm health care

State health officials introduced a new program to provide help for residents with long-term health care needs.

Pitbull bites reporter

FOX 44 news reporter Emily Turner was rushed to the emergency room Friday afternoon after a pitbull bit her in the wrist. Turner was following up on a Thursday night story involving a police officer who was forced to shoot and kill a pitbull after

Westboro Church skips protest

Protestors from the Westboro Baptist Church were no shows tonight at the opening of "The Laramie Project" at Dutchtown High School. Hundreds of counter protestors showed up. School officials say the attention helped fill seats at the play. T