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Locals are fed up with the construction on O'Neal Lane: businesses are severly suffering

Photo provided by staff.
Monday, December 23, 2013 - 8:30pm

The construction on O’Neal Lane it’s been going on for a long time and it has residents and businesses up in arms. That construction is part of the cities Green Light Plan but locals are ready for it to be over with.

O’Neal lane is a big mess; no matter the time of day, traffic is frustrating for locals.

Since the beginning of this construction project many of these businesses have lost a lot of business and even had to lay people off.

It’s been almost five years of cones, fork lifts, and closed roads. The construction on O’Neal Lane is what some residents are starting to think will never end.

"It's a moving date they are out working and we are hoping wishing for them to get as quick as possible," says local business owner, Billy Francioni.

Billy Francioni says the project is not only taking what seems like forever; it's causing a huge problem for his businesses.

"I think since 2009 with the interstate and the widening of the road, we are now off more than 55 percent in sales for gasoline inside sales and the subway," says Francioni.

Residents like Chris Dunn say the traffic is not the only concern.

"This trash pile has been here for 4 years plus and of course when I drive my truck it gets dirty every time" says Dunn.

“It takes you 2 or 3 light cycles to get out of the Wal-Mart parking lot much less go shopping there,” notes Dunn.

But Francioni says he’s concerned for the future.

“They can’t get out of the gas station,” noted Francioni.

Even after it’s all said and done, his business could still suffer.

“So when it gets completed fit ever gets completed were going to be in worse shape than when the started because they didn't solve the bottle neck by the interstate."

So with a project that is supposed to improve and area in the long run, right now is only causing businesses to suffer and locals even more frustration. But it’s a project that the city says will be worth the wait.

Originally the project was supposed to be completed in 2011 but they extended the project to November of this year. The city says that contract will be extended even further due to the weather.


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