Louisianans weigh in about Duck Dynasty star’s dismissal

Friday, December 20, 2013 - 11:03am

For some hearing Phil Robertson was suspended from A&E's hit 'Duck Dynasty' for comments about homosexuality, gave them something to quack about.

"I wouldn't think that he would actually think anything like that, I mean I was kind of surprised, with him being suspended for that as well," said Duck Dynasty fan Blain Mike.

But whether they agree with him or not, many people in the bayou state are standing up for Robertson's right to say what he wants.

"He shouldn't be suspended for his own opinion. That’s his own opinion, that's his freedom of speech. I mean come on now. That’s his opinion and everybody has an opinion," said Rebbecca Mixon, a Walker resident.

For others, the reality star's take on homosexuality, were uncalled for.

"His remarks were definitely unfortunate. It’s really profoundly hurtful to have your life and your relationships compared to bestiality and terrorism. That comparison comes up a lot and it just never gets easier to hear," said Matt Patterson with the Capitol City Alliance.

Even Governor Bobby Jindal has weighed in on the issue, saying he doesn’t agree with A&E’s decision to suspend the Louisiana native.

“I am proud to stand up for the right of a good Louisianan to express his faith and express his opinion. The reality is Phil is a friend of mine and I think he's a man of faith. It may not have come across in this particular quote but I think he's a man with love in his heart that believes in treating people with respect and equality," explained the Governor.

A&E has suspended the reality star indefinitely.


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