LSP continue to prepare in case any mass casualty occurs here in Louisiana

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 5:30pm

The country is still recovering from the mass shooting in D.C. Monday, as officials continue to learn more about the gunman and the victims.

President Obama has ordered that flags be lowered to half staff to honor the victims of the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. Every flag on government buildings both at home and overseas, will remain at half staff through sunset on Friday.

This shooting on Monday marked the sixth spree since the one in Newtown Connecticut. These mass killings are causing some conversation about the definition itself. They are also causing our law enforcement here in Louisiana to reevaluate and acknowledge these massacres, becoming all too common across the country.

As soon as news of the shooting spree at the navy yard in D.C. reached Louisiana, our law enforcement says they were in contact with them to see if there was anything they could do to help.

"Seeing if we could assist trying to find out what happened and how that affects public safety here in Louisiana," said Louisiana State Police Captain, Doug Cain.

Although it didn't affect us here, if something were to go down, LSP says they are making sure they are ready for anything.

"Were not just stopping at schools were working with shopping malls and athletic events and talking about community festivals all those mass gatherings that could potentially be a threat," said Cpt. Cain.

The FBI says, ‘mass murder’ is when four or more people are killed in a single incident but the agency doesn't define ‘mass shooting’.

"I call it a mass murder because you kill people for no reason it’s basically what murder is," said Baton Rouge resident, Darius Pendelton.

"I think mass shooting and mass murder are the definition of evil," noted resident, Evan Mathers.

Locals agree that no matter the type of weapon, murder is murder and police are focused on being proactive rather than reactive.

“I really think a term is a term,” noted Cpt. Cain. “What I am more concerned about is law enforcement preparedness; to be able to deter and detect before happened whether it’s a shooting whether it’s a bombing.”

Right now, law enforcement here will do what they can to prepare, as well as pray for those affected by these events.

“We hope those injured recover quickly and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims," Said Capt. Cain.

State police just conducted an active shooter drill at a mall in New Orleans. They are always making sure they are up to speed with the latest training and communication efforts.


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