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LSU police looking to improve on evacuation plans

Monday, October 8, 2012 - 5:43pm

Though a few weeks have passed since a bomb threat shocked LSU's campus the memory of that day and the troubles it brought with it haven't faded.

"Horrible, it was just horrible. I actually walked out, but it was bumper to bumper the whole way and no one was moving," Christian Flucke, an LSU student, remembered.

"It was horrible. Well I mean it was mostly just getting off campus, especially driving. There were way too many people just to get off campus so soon," Corinne Mack, another student, added.

That's why LSU police and officials are taking a critical look at the plan and working on ways to make it more effective.

"Some of the things that we're looking at is increasing the coordination with other agencies and other entities in the area that can help us get that traffic plan going a little bit better and get traffic out of here a little quicker than what happened in the previous incident, " Cpt. Cory Lalonde, with LSU police, explained.

While traffic was the biggest problem, students said they felt like they were left in the dark for a majority of the day.

“I felt like we weren't as informed as we could have been. You know they could have said, 'bomb threat at the union.' instead of just 'bomb threat'. I didn't know what to expect," Heidi Pittman, another LSU student, said.

Despite the first, overwhelmingly positive reaction from LSU officials, police admit their response wasn't perfect.

"In any situation, in any type of event of this magnitude and emergency circumstances there are always things you're going to have to find that you can do better. You can have the most perfect plan in the world, but there are always going to be ways you can tweak it and make it better for next time," Lalonde said.

As part of their efforts to improve the plan, police are looking at intersections that caused the most problems and the ways they can get officers directing traffic sooner.


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