Mayor Holden presents 2014 proposed budget to metro council

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 11:14pm

Mayor Kip Holden presented his proposed budget for 2014 to the Baton Rouge metropolitan council, but not without concern from the community.

"You still have people who give us flack," he said. "There are very few governments in the United States that's constantly providing pay raises, longevity and merit raises."

That's just one part of the mayor's 517 page document released on Tuesday.

The highlights are as follows:
The budget is 805 million dollars
3.6 million is for 3% of merit and longevity raises for city employees who qualify and benefit programs.
55% of the general fund is allocated to public safety.

Mayor Holden added "We have put money in to make sure all of our first responders remain rated number 1 in the country. The other great news is the amount of jobs prospectively locating in Baton Rouge."

More than 21 thousand jobs to be exact. Right now, the city is using 23.7 billion dollars for industrial projects in the Baton Rouge metropolitan area. The money is also projected to support projects like the Greenlight Plan, sanitation, and riverfront improvements.

Public hearing meetings will begin on November 13.

To read the entire budget proposal, click here.


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