Mayor Holden speaks out about the proposed City of St. George: organizers are disturbed by his remarks

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Thursday, January 9, 2014 - 10:25am

The Mayor gave his annual state of the city address Wednesday afternoon at the Crowne Plaza. And while he did use the opportunity to point out what could be a negative, Holden did say Baton Rouge is in the right direction and the future has endless opportunities. Still, many are focusing on the controversy surrounding the proposed City of St. George.

With recent results released form LSU economists about the city, more questions are being raised and more opinions are becoming public, especially Mayor Holden's.

The response from members of the St. George Incorporation say, his response is simply disturbing.

An idea for a new city, a new school system and a new government is taking the community

“It’s another great city that can work with Baton Rouge. It will get even more business to come here," said President of the St. George Incorporation, Norman Browning.

The City of St. George is something some locals say would be beneficial to not only the parish but the region, but mayor Kip Holden says, that's not the case.

“Incorporating a new city is a very complex issue one that is not based on a sound fiscal rational and one that will certainly face many legal challenges," noted Mayor Holden.

Joining forces with Councilman John Delgado, Holden is speaking out about the proposed city.

“79 percent of the green light project is in the boundaries of the proposed new city and this amount to more than 322 million dollars.”

Some say it’s simply a battle of political opinions.

“It was a little disturbing to me to hear the mayor’s comments for him to take that platform," said Browning.

But in the end, the decision to create this new city is purely up to the community.

“It’s really a concreted opinion that the mayor came out and said so now I think they can take this information and make as they will," said Councilman, John Delgado.

With a little more than fifty percent of the needed signatures on the petition, organizers are hopeful, despite the mayor’s comments on Wednesday.

"The mayor never said any fact. He put out there a bunch of claims and a bunch of fear that it’s going to bankrupt the City of Baton Rouge."

The recent study done by an LSU economist says that many people still don't know about the proposed City of St. George and if it would come to fruition, it would cost the parish millions of dollars.


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