McCain versus Slaughter: trial set for March 31

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 7:57pm

The legal battle between Port Allen CFO Audrey McCain and former Mayor Deedy Slaughter could soon be over. A West Baton Rouge Judge set a trial date for March 31.

"We asked for a trial and that's what we are going to get," Ron Johnson, Slaughter's attorney, said.

It's all part of the legal battle that began last year when the Mayor fired the CFO, and McCain fought back with a lawsuit. A judge ruled the mayor couldn't fire McCain.

Now both sides say they're ready for trial.

" Ms. McCain has been terribly harmed, and she wants her day in court and we will prevail," Seth Dornier, McCain's lawyer, said.

"So, I think that is right that we decide these issues, because in the interest of justice. Justice delayed is justice denied," Johnson said.

Before the trial begins both sides just want to know where a missing book of city records is.

"I'm not sure where it is we are trying to discover it. as you very well heard if you were in court We asked the judge for Ms. McCain to produce the book and the book was introduced into evidence so... We're trying to find the book because we think it's relevant for the purposes of these proceedings if we already had the book we wouldn't be asking for it," Johnson said.

"As municipal clerk Ms. McCain is the custodian of all the records the city's records. The city's records are contained in a book. That book was last seen in the court room on july 2nd in the companion case to this one," Dornier said.

"Hopefully, we can get this resolved before trial, because I believe the book contains some very important information that is going to be critical to both sides," Dornier said. "We believe there is information in that book that is going to help Ms. McCain's case tremendously."

People living and working in Port Allen said they're tired of the legal spectacle, and they're glad the finish line could be in sight.

"It's just another chapter in the same book of inept administration from the last mayor," Arthur Cagle, support of McCain, said. "Perhaps we can make it the last chapter and close the book on this and move forward."

"I just want to see it come to an end and the city to move on," Gwen Williams, Port Allen business owner, said. "She (Slaughter) is not the reason the city is at a standstill."

Until then slaughter says she's focusing on her fight to get re-elected.

"To continue to get out there and get my supporters to support me," Slaughter said. "... And to get me back in that seat. "

McCain is looking forward to March 31.

"Happy it's about to be over," McCain said.

Lawyers say they expect the trial to last about 2 days.


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