Mom continues fight for justice

FOX44 Staff
Sunday, May 5, 2013 - 9:00pm

A Gonzales mom is on a mission to get justice for her dead daughter. Rachel Deville's daughter died in a crash. A judge decided to let the man responsible for her baby's death go without completing former sentence of 2 years of jail time. Deville is ready to take action.

"We have to be a voice. I mean she has no voice," Deville said.

Deville explained her daughter Brittney died in a car accident almost 19 years ago. She said Stanley White crashed into her car and killed her baby Brittney.

"This is not vengeance. This is justice. Vengeance is mine so sayth the Lord, and I will leave that part for him. We are here for justice for Brittney that's what we're here for," Deville described.

on Friday, Judge Jesse Leblanc decided White will be on probation for the next two years. White was originally sentenced to 2 years in jail after the accident, but never went to jail because of a clerical error.

Deville says the court lost focus on Friday.

"I don't know at one point I thought maybe I was at an award ceremony for him," Deville describe the scene at court. "My daughter didn't get to accomplish anything because he took care of that."

Now her family is getting ready to appeal the judge's decision.

"I feel it's unfair and it's 24 months. He plead guilty to it. He should take responsibility for it. Stop blaming everyone else," Deville said.

She hopes this time a judge will listen to her side: "It's about the victim it's not about the criminal. Victim's need to be heard. Victim's families need to be heard. "

Deville said she doesn't want an apology from White.

"It really doesn't matter to me now. I do forgive him for what he has done. It wouldn't mean anything to me," She exclaimed. "Only thing I want him to do is to take responsibility. "

Deville said she just wants to see Brittney's killer serve time.


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This is such a terrible thing for a judge to do to a family that is already crushed by the fact that their young child was killed and the man that did it admitted to his crime and then to get away with it like nothing ever happened how much grief did he suffer for the last 19 years he has hidden out from his crime and how many sleepless nights has he spent for taking the life of a child, none and probably even thought of it less. I only wonder if the color difference would have been reversed ?

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