Mom who drove into ocean is silent during FL bond hearing

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 11:33am

The woman accused of trying to kill her three kids by driving a minivan into the ocean appeared in court Monday for a bond hearing.

Ebony Wilkerson didn't say a word during the 30 minute hearing, though she periodically shook her head when testimony about her circumstances, the allegations that she tried to kill her children on Daytona Beach March 4th, came up.

Public Defender Jim Purdy asked the court to temporarily release Ms. Wilkerson from the 1.2 million dollar bond and instead order her admitted to Halifax’s psych unit for an extended stay and under supervision.

Florida State Attorney R.J. Larizza objected, saying there's no legal precedents for that, so the public defender will research it, come back next week.

However we've learned the pregnant mother is in the psych unit right now.

“She allegedly was beating herself on the stomach and she's 7 months pregnant and that prompted the jail to contact Halifax and get her over for a Baker Act evaluation,” Larizza said.

But Public Defender James Purdy and his staff say Wilkerson, while at the hospital, is being held alone, in solitary confinement in a cell like room, for security reasons.

“What happens when you put someone with a mental condition in a room naked with no clothes, no blankets, 72 degrees, and a concrete cell with a small window, two people looking at you,” Assistant Public Defender Craig Dyer asked the court.

Wilkerson's attorneys want her admitted to the general psych ward where she can interact, walk around, see a doctor for her mental health issues and be close to an OB GYN because of her pregnancy.

Prosecutors say that's too much freedom for a woman accused of trying to kill 3 children, currently carrying an unborn child.


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