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More than 500 people served Easter lunch at St. Vincent de Paul

Sunday, March 31, 2013 - 8:00pm

Some Christians spent Easter Sunday giving back to those who need our help the most. Men, women, and children of all ages packed the St. Vincent de Paul dinning room for an Easter meal.

"I wish everybody in the whole world a happy Easter," Patrick Christopher, St. Vincent De Paul guest.

Patrick Christopher doesn't have any food. He depends on St. Vincent de Paul and volunteers for meals.

"It's nice whether you have a million dollars or you might not have a dollar. It's nice to be around good people," Christopher described. "This is what the day is all about. If you don't have a million dollars makes you feel like a million dollars. "

He is not alone.

"Very important, If I don't come here to get food I don't eat," Shane Orchard, St. Vincent de Paul guest, explained. "Right now I am sleeping with a friend of mine in his truck."

Many families can't afford to celebrate Easter, so they brought their children to the shelter. Kids gobbled up Easter eggs and strawberries.

Before the doors of the shelter opened the line for food wrapped around the building. The crowd continued to grow once meals were served. Michael Acaldo with St. Vincent de Paul said the long line was a sign of how many people in Baton Rouge simply don't have enough to eat.

"Volunteers that have come to serve Easter here at St. Vincent they know they are making a difference, because it's really needed the service they are providing," Acaldo said.

Acaldo estimated the shelter served more than 500 meals, which is more than last year.

"We typically on Easter we are able to get everybody that's waiting in line seated. Here we are we've been serving for 45 minutes we still have people coming in the door," Acaldo described.

Almost 100 people showed up to volunteer on Sunday.

"Very important because all our guests are wonderful," Carole Cross, regular St. Vincent de Paul volunteer, explained.

Volunteers served up food, and smiles.

"A person said to me one time. When I smile at him he sees the face of God," Cross remembered.

Delivering a little bit of hope to those who need it most.

"God bless St. Vincent De Paul," Christopher exclaimed.

Every guest went home with a gift. Kids got toys in an Easter basket. Adults got clothing and other essentials.


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