Motorcycle riders advocate for safe roadways

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Thursday, March 27, 2014 - 5:44pm

When warmer weather heads our way more motorcyclist will hit the roads, but it can be a dangerous drive. In the past week two motorcyclists have been killed and another was hurt after drivers hit their bikes in Louisiana.

"We've lost so many people because of carelessness of other drivers," Louis Sanchez, motorcycle enthusiast, said.

John Porche and Louis Sanchez love motorcycle riding. Porche has never been in a bike accident, but Sanchez has.

"Three accidents in 16 years all non at fault drivers taking my right away," Sanchez described.

Sanchez hurt his shoulder. He had to get his hip replaced, and lost a leg all because of accidents he didn't cause. He said hearing news of other riders getting killed or injured makes him upset.

"Makes us feel like we don't count," He said. "We're less than somebody else on the highway. "

"People will take advantage of the size, because you can't win against any other vehicle," Porche said. "You have no protection."

Soon more motorcyclists will be on the road, and Sanchez and Porche want to make sure it's safe.

"Everybody has the same rights to be there. We have the right to be there," Porche exclaimed.

They advice both riders and drivers need to be alert when on the road.

Porche said, "I'm always conscious of the other vehicles. I always want to know if I have to make a sudden move is anybody there. Can I make that sudden move without hitting anybody else."

Motorcycle riders said you need to leave at least a two second distance between you car and their bikes.

"Action is faster than reaction," Porche stated. "If I am in front of you and I hit my breaks then you have to recognize that I'm stopping. Then you have to react to it. If you're too close than you don't have the reaction time."

Riders said make sure you really look when you're about to pull into traffic or change lanes. Motorcycles can be hard to see.

"Please respect us and watch for us. The person you might save may be your neighbor, your friend, or your family," Sanchez said.

State police say there are courses new riders can take to learn how to ride safely and even courses for experienced riders to brush up on their safety skills.


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