Romney has 'stage three Romnesia,' Obama says

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012 - 12:00pm

President Barack Obama evaluated his debate performance on Tuesday, the morning after his last showdown with Gov. Mitt Romney, and ramped up his "Romnesia" rhetoric, saying Romney's performance Monday night put him at "stage three."

At a rally in battleground Florida the president said Romney shifted his positions on the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq and his commitment to taking down Osama bin Laden.

"Now we've come up with a name for this condition, it's called 'Romnesia'," Obama said. "We had a severe outbreak last night ... it was stage three 'Romnesia'."

In an effort to make sure "nobody in the surrounding area catches it," the president highlighted what he sees as the changes coming from the former Massachusetts governor on the campaign trail.

"If you can't seem to remember the policies on your website or the promises you've been making over the six years you've been running for president ... Obamacare covers preexisting conditions, we can cure this disease," Obama said to a crowd of roughly 11,000.

His lively rally came on the same day his campaign released a 19-page pamphlet outlining the plans he hopes to institute if he wins a second term in office and an accompanying television ad set to air in nine battleground states. The booklet is largely a rehash of policies previously proposed, but is a response to critics who have charged the president with offering few specifics on his second term agenda.

At Tuesday's rally, the president said he made the case for re-election during the debate.

"I hope that during the debate I made those differences very clearly because the greatest responsibility I have as president is to keep the American people safe," Obama said, contrasting his performance with Romney's "all over the map" showing.

While he offers leadership, Romney is only providing a "list of things that are wrong," the president said.

"He can just go over it verbatim -- just boom, boom, boom. Power point presentations," Obama said. "But you know what, that's not leadership you can trust. And Florida, you know me."

The Florida stop started on a lighter note when Obama was introduced by Scott van Duzer who locked the president in a bear hug at a campaign stop in the state last month.

"Every time I need a pick me up I try to see Scott," Obama said.

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