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Why your FICO credit score may go up even if you got medical debt

If you have loads of medical debt in collections, you could see your credit score go up soon.

World's Top 10 Zoos & Aquariums

What makes a zoo or aquarium outstanding? Exotic animals? Stellar recreations of natural habitats? Plenty of sugary refreshments for the kids?

IBM builds a brain out of computer chips

IBM has built a computer chip that functions like a brain. It can sense, taste, feel, smell, hear, and understand its surroundings.

What your kid gets out of a summer camp that costs $16,000

Let's break down what it costs to send Little Junior to sleep-away camp this summer. Before we begin, let's establish that we aren't talking about the sticky Bug Juice-laden camps of your youth.

Minnesota cafe charges customers "minimum wage fee"

It's pancakes with a side of politics. A Minnesota restaurant is passing along the cost of the state's minimum wage hike to customers, and the move has sparked outrage.

Eating fast food costs both money and calories

It's often difficult to find time to cook a healthy, nutritious meal while traversing this hectic world.

31% of Americans have no retirement savings at all

It's no secret that many Americans aren't saving enough for retirement, but a big chunk of households have saved nothing at all.

Summer's brightest supermoon comes Sunday, August 10

The second installment of this summer's season of supermoons is happening Sunday. Stargazers who missed the July 12 supermoon will have another chance to see the bright lunar phenomenon from all around the world.

Hyundai fined $17 million for delaying recall

Hyundai waited too long to recall thousands of Genesis sedans and now will to pay a $17 million fine for the delay.

Man who shot unarmed Michigan teen convicted of second-degree murder

A Michigan man accused of gunning down an unarmed young woman on his front porch in November was convicted Thursday of second-degree murder, manslaughter and possessing a firearm while committing a felony.