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Roughly 75% of mobile app ads are just promoting other apps

Have a look at your smartphone apps. Notice anything peculiar about the ads? In the majority of cases, the only things they're advertising are ... other apps.

Wal-Mart cuts health benefits for 30,000 part-timers

Wal-Mart, the country's largest retailer, is eliminating health benefits for about 30,000 employees to control its rising healthcare costs.

Police: 4-year-old brings heroin to daycare, gives it out as candy

Nice kid. Wrong thing to share at daycare.

My right to death with dignity at 29

On New Year's Day, after months of suffering from debilitating headaches, I learned that I had brain cancer. I was 29 years old. I'd been married for just over a year. My husband and I were trying for a family.

Scientists hope to send first humans to Mars on sleeper spaceship

  Six astronauts lie motionless in a row of compartments with medical monitoring cables connected to their bodies, as their space ship cuts through the silent blackness that separates Earth from Mars.

Man confronts OKC panhandler after seeing her in new car

''You ask for money in the middle of the street and you`re driving a 2013 car.' This is video is making rounds online, a man approaching a grandmother in a new car. He is angry because she was begging for money.

Paying for college with plastic costs more than you think

Paying for college with a credit card costs more than you think.

Drug cops converge on Georgia man's property after spotting ... okra

The grower was alarmed when the police helicopter swooped low over his property. Soon, Bartow County, Georgia, deputies -- "strapped to the gills" and with a drug dog in tow -- converged on his doorstep.

What's next in the fight for same-sex marriage?

Never has the Supreme Court said so much when saying so little. When the justices refused to rule on gay marriage, it cleared the way for it to become legal in five more states -- Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Obama calling for new airport Ebola screening protocols

The President is calling for new protocols to help stop the spread of Ebola. He wants additional passenger screening, both in Africa and here in the US.