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FL man returns diamond ring to couple 1 year after lost in ocean

A diamond ring that was dropped in the ocean at Jacksonville Beach, Florida one year ago has been recovered. The man who found it managed to track down the rightful owners.

Business exec retires to save sex trafficking victims in Philippines

It was 2002 in the Philippines, and American business traveler John Drake was presented with a disgusting offer. He says a pimp offered him a four-year-old girl for sex "for about 25 bucks".

WI police officer runs marathon in full uniform for charity

A Wisconsin police officer ran a marathon Sunday in full uniform. He did it to pay tribute to members of law enforcement who lost their lives serving their communities.

GA coroner says wife of decapitated man was killed, dumped in lake

An 87-year-old Georgia woman, who was found dead in Lake Oconee 10 days after the discovery of her husband's headless body, appears to have been killed before being dumped in the lake.

361 cases of mumps in central Ohio

Health authorities indicated Friday there have been 361 cases of mumps in central Ohio, a significantly higher number than was reported just a few weeks ago.

More California wildfires are going down for the count

The Cocos Fire is slated to go down for the count on Sunday, after scorching almost 2,000 acres of land.

How the rich protect their identity online

You can't always control what's said about you on the Internet. But with enough money, you can influence what comes up in a search.

Guide to the world's best water slides

Verrückt will become the world's tallest water slide -- it's taller than both the Statue of Liberty and Niagara Falls -- when it opens in May in Kansas.

Swiss may soon have world's highest minimum wage: $25/hour

$25 minimum wage? Swiss workers could soon be making the highest minimum wage in the world if a national vote Sunday goes their way.

High winds push big-rig off Kansas highway

An 18-wheeler nearly flips over, amid what were believed to be 60-mile-per-hour winds on a Kansas highway. And a driver behind the semi got it all on video.